Mauritian street food, inspired from cuisine of the world.

MoBistro opened its first location in 2022 in Rose Belle by 2 street food lovin' foodies. 

The story is inspired by our rich Mauritian heritage - we love modern western cuisine with a traditional asiatic blend stopping over the middle east and carrying on an african twist.  The calling was clear. A menu was curated.

Our designer burgers, panini and wraps are made with crispy chicken fillets marinated in natural spices from asia and africa topped up with an algerian sauce and a slice of cheddar cheese accompanied by skin-on fries from belgium. If you fancy something more traditional, you can always try our famous boulettes and wantan with its fiery chilli sauce or quench your thirst with our homemade icetea with a dash of tamarind.

Our walls are sketched with captions from world famous entrepeneurs and inventions that have changed our lives.  Visit us for a feel good experience and to enjoy the best of Mauritian street food!

Get in touch

Tel: 627 4000  |  5258 4445Royal Road, Rose Belle,

Opening hours

Everyday 7/7  10am – 10pm